Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kunie's Bucket List

You'll never know when your time is up.  It would be such a waste if you don't make the most out of your time here on earth.  So here I am thinking of what would make my life complete...

I have been thinking about my Bucket List for almost a year now.  I started thinking about this when I was finally free from the suffocating relationship that was controlling my whole life.  I had always lived for other people, never for myself.  When I was finally on my own, I had an awakening and realized, I cannot die just yet, I haven't even lived my life.

So before I delve into my complicated life and start being dramatic, let me share my Bucket List.

1. Skydive

I wanna be a licensed skydiver someday.  I'm not expecting it to be anytime soon but I know someday I will be.  Let's see if i would really do it.

2. Scuba

I only went scuba diving once and right then and there I fell in love with it.  I did it earlier this year in Cebu with some people I just met from the party a night before.  I volunteered to join since I had nothing to do that day though deep inside I was scared to my bones.  I don't have a license but they said they'll take care of it so off I went.  It was raining really hard that day and I was hella nervous.  I had a few puffs of something-I'd-rather-not-say before diving.  It took me a while to sink so I had to add a few more weights on my waist. When I got to the bottom, it seemed like I was in a real aquarium. The water was really clear.  There were different kinds of fish.  The sand was white.  IT WAS AWESOME.  When I finally got the hang of it, I was going on my own.  It was such an exhilarating experience for me.  I loved it!  I don't know how to swim, I'm afraid of the dark, I scared to be submerged underwater but I conquered my fear.  I'd say this is one of the best experiences I had in my whole lifetime.  Unforgettable.  So someday, I want to formally learn to scuba dive and get a license.  I'd want to do it with my family.

3. Pastry Shop

I love desserts and it has always been my dream to put up my own pastry shop where I can make, eat and share what I love the most.

4. Visit Japan, Scotland, Italy

Japan for everything; their food, culture, view, EVERYTHING. 

Scotland, mainly for the view and the castles!  If I were to live again, I’d like to live in the Romantic period.  I am not a city girl despite my lifestyle. 

Italy, because I want to see all the fountains they have.

5. Have my work published. 

I'm not a writer but it has always been a dream of mine to have even just one of my works published.
Wishful thinking?

6. Learn Photography

I'm not hoping to become a professional photographer, I just want to be a skilled photographer.  Take good photos, capture the moment and keep them forever.

7.  Buy my parents a house.

Because I am a good kid. Haha!

8. Get married!


9. Do something greatly significant.

I have a heart for the needy.

10.  Cook

Lastly, I want to learn how to cook.  This is the most basic and attainable of all and yet, at 24, I still don’t know how.

Here is a line from the movie The Bucket List, Carter Chambers: [to Edward, of the two questions asked of the dead by the gods at the entrance to heaven] Have you found joy in your life? Has your life brought joy to others?

Have you?

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  1. aghhh!! i want to skydive and travel A LOT, too! italy is my dream! i'd love to scuba but it scares me to death and it'll suck coz it won't let me shout underwater if i see something fucking awesome, so snorkeling would do! natawa naman ako sa COOKING MAMA mo..hahaaha!! and i also like the do something that would have an impact on others and get married, too!! did u steal my bucket list?? teehee. as for having your post published.......ITO NA! your post got published already after 10 tries! horay for blogspot! :-)