Monday, October 24, 2011

New Orleans at Resorts World

I had a dinner date last Friday night with my friend/cousin John.  Earlier that day, I told him I will only go with him to Resorts World(he's there every fridays) if he'll treat me for a steak.  He agreed! So right after work, off I went to RW to meet with him.  The only steakhouse there that we're familiar with is the New Orleans Bourbon Street Steaks and Oysters  so we chose that.  We got a good table outside the restaurant for a better view of the people passing by and for some air.  The inside of the restaurant seemed a bit too crowded for me.  When I opened the menu, my goodness, it was filled with photos of yummy-looking food!  They have a wide range of choices for the customers.  The prices were not so bad, although the steaks were quite expensive.  Instead of getting a thick chunk of the rib-eye steak, I opted for Limjoco's Pork Belly since I know I wouldn't be the one paying for it.  I'm always shy to get what I want whenever people treat me out.  I chose the pork belly because I got curious of the dirty rice and veggies that go with it and the price wasn't so bad.  It only costs P350!  John ordered what he usually orders; the beef tenderloin tips and extra rice.  He also got us one order of dynamite roll and salmon sashimi from Mr. Kurosawa(cross-orders are allowed for a good tip).

Our order came in an instant!

The Dynamite roll was really good.  It had fresh raw salmon on top sprinkled with chilli dust.  The rolls came with this watery red sauce, it was so hot!  If you have high tolerance for spicy food, this won't disappoint you.  It almost made me cry after one roll but it still didn't stop me from consuming more.  Dynamite, it is!

My order was a lot! There were 2 huge slices of grilled pork belly, I had to place them on another plate.  It had more fat than meat but it I didn't mind.  It wasn't oily at all.  It tasted like a normal grilled liempo cooked at home.  I'd give it a 2 out of 5.  It tasted better when dipped in soy sauce.  My dirty rice was good!  It went well with the pork belly dipped in soy sauce.  I'd say it wasn't so bad but I wouldn't order it again.  I'd come back for their baby back ribs! Very tempting!

The tenderloin tips, for me, was the best. I wanted to swap orders with John but was too shy to do so.  It was tasty and the meat was juicy and soft.  It's like Beef Salpicao, only better.  I will definitely try this again!  I give it 4 out of 5.  I would probably go well will the dirty rice or a java rice.

Oh well, I'd suggest you try it for yourself! Two thumbs up for New Orleans!


  1. grrrr!! you wanted steak but you ended up eating porkchop and salpicao?! nuhmuhnnnn!

    what my mom taught me to do is kind of burn the taba of the steak para it's yummy!!

  2. i LOVE burnt taba!!!!! oh gosh!!! I want...