Friday, September 28, 2012

Product review: Revlon's Photoready Liquid Foundation

Since I have been hearing a lot of positive feedback about Revlon's Photoready, I decided to give it try.  I bought their liquid foundation first.  

This product has photochromatic pigments that reflects light which would make flaws unnoticeable, giving you clear skin on and off cam.  This pigments also provide a bit of shimmer which gives the skin a natural glow.  I normally don't like make-up with shimmer because it doesn't look natural, but the pigments on this one is very fine, almost dust-like which gives the face only a hint of shimmer for that natural glow.  You really won't notice it anymore once applied on the face.  Aside from these useful pigments, this also has sunscreen which is a must-have for every make-up product.  

I use this product as a make-up base when I go out.  I use a sponge to spread the liquid all over my face and neck.  It is actually very easy to apply because the texture is not very thick.  I apply a bit of Revlon's Colorstay Mineral make-up on top of it to make the finish more natural.  Its always better to put any kind of face powder on top of your liquid foundation to keep it in place and give you a more natural look.  Just make sure you don't put too much.

 What I like about this product: 

*the texture is not thick - it doesn't feel heavy and it won't clog your pores
*full coverage - hides blemishes and looks great in photos!  Makes your skin look flawless.
*long-lasting - it lasts for hours!  

Recommended use:
Use this only on occasions.  Say, weddings, night-outs, etc. 

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